Winery Aigner Gästehaus

Our vineyards are our greatest treasure. Frechau and Thalland are among them, and especially the Weinzierlberg and Krems Sandgrube sand pit.

Taste your way through our offerings:



A delicate and gossamer scent of elderflower and rosewood. A restrained feeling on the palate but with a delicate nutmeg fruitiness and just the right amount of acidity.

Gelber Muskateller - Winery Aigner
Frizzante - Winery Aigner

Frizzante Muscatel


Delicate floral bouquet, lime blossoms, lilacs, elderberry bush. Light and fruity on the palate with a robust nuance of carbonic acid on the palate.


Green Veltliner 2019

Flowery primary aroma, dandelion to the palate. Quite bold and fruity, lean and direct. Highly robust.

Gruenello - Winery Aigner
Weinzurl - Winery Aigner


Green Veltliner DAC 2019

A green peppery start, moss, wet grass, a citrus-orientated middle, rhubarb, lemon apples. The crisp acidity is well integrated, playful and animating.

Green Veltliner

Sandgrube DAC 2019

Lean minerality, yellow apples, cured tobacco, peppercorns, lively and fruity acidity, but also has a robust body. Consistently rich and nuanced, a robust and exceptional yet characteristic Veltliner with remarkable staying power.

Green Veltliner - Winery Aigner
Grüner Veltliner Privat - Winery Aigner

Green Veltliner

Ried Obere Sandgrube Privat DAC Res. 2018

Fragrance of daisies, grapes, some grapefruit and yellow apples. A juicy middle with the acid perfectly integrated. Very delicate with a slow decrescendo.

Green Veltliner

Ried Frechau Elitär DAC Res. 2017

A powerful wine for hearty dishes. A magnificent complement for all soft cheeses.

Grüner Veltliner Elitär 2013 - Winery Aigner
Riesling - Winery Aigner


Ried Weinzierlberg DAC 2019

An excellent complement to food, this wine is often served with cold starters and grilled fish. Goes well with veal and lamb dishes.



A lovely, delicate salmon pink with a faint scent of raspberries, blackberries and a slightly herbal nuance. A lively, fruity summer wine.

Rose - Winery Aigner
Sauvignon Blanc - Winery Aigner

Sauvignon Blanc


The ideal complement for baked ham, seafood, asparagus, cervelle de veau baked or with eggs, but this wine is also a joy to have with a mixed grill in the summertime.



This wine a perfect complement for fresh sheep and goat cheeses as well as fruit desserts with strawberries or apricots.

Chardonnay - Winery Aigner
Frizzante - Winery Aigner


Frechau 2018

Our Zweigelt is the perfect complement for mutton, lamb and beef dishes. This wine is also perfect with cheeses.